It is OK to say you don’t know, Chances are that you don’t.

The title of this piece pretty much says it all but please allow me a couple of minutes of your time to expand further.

Thanks to the advent of Social Media and of course the 24 hour News Cycle we are now more than ever completely bombarded with information at all times of every day, with that said it can be hard to determine the truth of the matter presented.

You, I, Your favourite Youtuber or blogger, the Mainstream Media? we do not have the answers most of the time and granted it would be great if we did but there has to come a time when we can simply say we do not know. The people out there telling you that they have the real truth, they know when someone is lying, they know that this is a “psy-op” or that the Government are lying to you about EVERYTHING (Which could well be true) know just as little as everybody else.

Conspiracies can be very entertaining indeed and CAN end up being the objective truth of any given subject but that does not mean that they all are or that people who have accurately predicted something will be right about everything.

I Do not know the truth about everything and i do not profess to do so and if my opinion turns out to be objectively wrong I am more than willing to adjust my thinking or outlook on any given situation and all i ask is that you do so as well, open your mind and your thinking to being wrong and you will always be several steps ahead of the people that claim they and they alone can provide the truth.

The best tool you have in this endeavour is the ability and willingness to ASK QUESTIONS not only of the people feeding you information but of your own interpretation and if you come to the conclusion that ultimately you do not know, that is perfectly OK because you are not SUPPOSED to know.

The Mainstream Media, The Marianna Spring’s or Owen Jones’s of the world know just as much or as little as you do.

What Happened to Flight MH370? Are the Freemasons REALLY behind everything? IS our entire view of history outside of the observable sphere wrong? – To these questions and MANY MORE i can safely say that I DON’T KNOW ….. ..

Neither do you.


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