Just Say NO!

In the last few weeks especially we have seen increasing rhetoric that “restrictions” on our lives, liberty and ability to breathe freely will once again be imposed upon us and I for one and sick of hearing about it!

These calls come not from the fanatics that LOVED having the power to demand others do nonsensical things in the name of “Public Health” but largely from the people who have spent the last 3 or so years campaigning against these very same restrictions.

Here in the United Kingdom there are roughly 70 million people making up the population and in the United States that number is significantly higher at around 350 million – Yikes that is a lot of people and that is the point, there is power and yes, safety in these types of numbers. Focusing just on the UK our Parliament, the centre of power in which laws are drafted, debated and voted upon has just 650 MPs. These are the people that stand between you and your right to certain freedoms and that number is somewhat insignificant as it relates to the total population.

Even with their Jackboot enforcers in the so called Police force, there is no actual way that these 650 individuals could force 70 million to bend to their will so they spend your money employing the tactics of behavioural psychologists and propagandists to induce in you a state of fear.

I did not comply with the first rounds of restrictions and I know many others did not either, many of them largely “secretly” having family gatherings or the like and I say to you, IF the worst were to happen and your Government were to try and do this to you all over again, the way to react is not to do things in secret or to have big marches ……

The way to react is to show these clowns that the power that they THINK they have is dependent on the compliance of the people they are trying to control, Big chains should refuse to implement mandates and queuing systems, people should proudly walk around and breathe free air (if they choose to) and people should simply say “Thanks but no thanks” and continue going about their lives as normal. To the BUSINESSES both large and small, all you have to do is continue to operate as normal but you ALL have to do this, if you do then there is no way that you can be punished or in fact shut down and it REALLY IS THAT SIMPLE, If you feel you must do SOMETHING then a simple sign advising customers that they enter at their own risk should be fine.

It all depends on your willingness to take the responsibility of your own existence in to your own hands, the Government are not your parents and you are not a naughty child to be locked in your room …. You are a Human Being, you have agency and it is incumbent on you to make decisions for yourself.

There are obviously people who will wish to do the things that are demanded of them as long as that is a FREE CHOICE then I see no issue with people choosing to wear a mask or stay home, my issue, my contention and the point where I will step in and advocate against is when these things become MANDATED.

Don’t want to be around someone not wearing a mask? then don’t be, you have the agency and the ability to remove yourself from such a situation and it is not incumbent on everybody else to miss out on their lives to appease you.

Just remember, the people in Parliament or Congress in the USA only have the power that we the people allow them to have and all you have to do to remind them of this is “Just Say No”.

That Simple.

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