The Curious Case of Gonzalo Lira.

American “Sarah” Cirillo who is the Spokesperson for The Defence forces of Ukraine as it pertains to European and American


Science is The New Religion

Science can be considered a religion in the full technical sense of the word. While religions can take on various

It is OK to say you don’t know, Chances are that you don’t.

The title of this piece pretty much says it all but please allow me a couple of minutes of your

Just Say NO!

In the last few weeks especially we have seen increasing rhetoric that “restrictions” on our lives, liberty and ability to

Reinforcing Your Bias does not the truth make.

Today i have been thinking a lot about Echo Chambers and how they can be used to create a perception

When did Nuance become so Controversial?

Here on Chasing Dissent we like to take each issue as it comes and as such we may come to