The Curious Case of Gonzalo Lira.

American “Sarah” Cirillo who is the Spokesperson for The Defence forces of Ukraine as it pertains to European and American Audiences has given an update regarding independent Media Figure Gonzalo Lira.

Sarah (Formerly Michael John) has claimed that Lira and his attorney questioned them directly in Lira’s ongoing trial and that nothing else can be said right now because of “National Security” but I ask this simple question.

WHAT has Gonzalo Lira DONE to be in custody in the first place and is there FAR MORE to this story than perhaps the public are aware of? I think there may well be and it just does not seem to add up on either end to believe what The Ukrainian Authorities OR indeed Gonzalo Himself are saying.

Gonzalo Lira is an independent media figure who is a Citizen of both the USA & Chile, he has been living for some time in Ukraine and had styled himself as somewhat of a “Counter Narrative” independent Journalist after first making his name under the moniker of “Coach Red Pill” during the heavily anti “SJW” (Social Justice Warrior) days of sites like Youtube and Reddit.

Lira started reporting heavily on the on the Russia/Ukraine conflict and was very clearly slanted towards not believing the official information coming out of Ukraine and often reporting directly against such narratives. Lira was subsequently accused of giving Ukrainian military positions to Russian forces though I am unsure if evidence exists that would confirm he actually DID this either willingly or otherwise so could not confidently agree that he indeed took these actions.

Lira was subsequently arrested earlier this year and if he is to be believed, was extorted for 70 THOUSAND US DOLLARS by SBU (Ukrainian Intelligence) Operatives. Lira was subsequently allegedly released a couple of months later at perhaps the behest of the Chilean Government as that is one of the Countries to which he is a Citizen. Following this release Lira released 3 videos detailing what he is alleged to have been put through whilst clearly laying out his plan to cross in to Hungary, The EXACT Time of the video’s recording and the showing the precise location he was in before attempting to cross. At the same time Lira explained that he was GOING to be found Guilty of his so called crimes of making Youtube Videos and was doing this all to avoid being placed for years in a Prison Labour Camp. He also stated that he was not allowed to leave the City of Kharkiv and his Passports were to be surrendered but upon his bail those Passports were returned and a Court Ordered electronic tag was not placed upon him.

None of this makes any real sense to me, were Ukraine creating the conditions for Lira to skip bail? Is ANY of this True? Why would a man who wants to beg another Country for political asylum then create the conditions in which his exact location and time could be determined by those he was running from? So many Questions, so little in the way of answers as Cirillo reported soon after those videos that Lira had indeed been captured whilst attempting to cross the border and returned to Ukrainian Custody. Since then? Nothing from the man himself.

Personally I am unsure what to believe about this situation and leave it down to you to decide for yourself, what is the real truth behind The Curious Case Of Gonzalo Lira because personally, I don’t fully believe any of the people involved.


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