The enemy is inside the gate

The UK has aligned itself with both USA and Israel as normal when it comes to a conflict in the Middle East,. however this conflict is not playing out the way that either Israel, the USA or the UK anticipated. While the atrocities off the seventh of October were displayed and world sympathy was firmly in Israel’s favour, the subsequent reaction, some would say overreaction, of Israel to what has occurred has turned many in the west against Israel. Public opinion is now against Israel and has turned the entire Arab and Middle Eastern Nations including Turkey against Israel. In fact Israel has managed to do with no one else has and that is unite both Sunni and Shiite Muslims angainst a common enemy, that common enemy being Israel. Netanyahu has stated that there is no ceasefire there will be no ceasefire and that it is the time for war. This will mean that the Arab Nations and even Turkey may have to take action against Israel because if Israel continues on this path it looks likely to involve the mass killing of millions of civilians in Gaza.

So the question is, what is the United States of America going to do?  Is it going to stand behind it’s ally and protect Israel from the rest of the Muslim world or is it going to try and mediate some kind of ceasefire that would be applicable to both sides? . It doesn’t appear that Israel is going to brook that therefore if Israel can’t step down it is effectively it’s on a path to suicide.

Russia on the other hand has played the statemans role almost perfectly here it’s put forward resolutions to the UN to provide aid to provide a humanitarian corridor for people to remove themselves from Gaza if not combatants. It hasn’t declared itself a friend of either side or particularly an enemy of either side so it’s sitting back and awaiting the next move by the US. Russia has armed Iran with some of its best equipment so that theatre of operations now has hypersonic missiles that are capable of sinking carriers, S300 and S400 air defence systems, which arguably are the best in the world are in evidence meaning the US carrier strike force would suffer heavy losses if used to defend Israel and therefore the United States with its two or three carrier battle groups doesn’t really matter. The US is for the first time possibly at a serious disadvantage.

Israel has nuclear weapons and if it gets to the point where it is being attacked on three fronts Turkey, Hezbollah and Iran  it may feel it has to use them. If it does uses nuclear weapons on  Iran or turkey then as Pakistan has already come out and said that will supply nuclear weapons to Iran if required so it doesn’t take much to understand that that area of the Middle East could soon become completely eradicated and the then question of whether there is really Palestinian or Israeli state will be moot. The better question Is what is going to happen in the rest of the world?

The United States, the UK and all of Europe have a large Muslim population that has come into the country both legally and illegally and they , in most cases, remain very firm to their Islamic roots, they don’t change their culture and they don’t make many accommodations for the country in which they are now living. If the situation escalates and the other Islamic states  get involved,  Iran, Turkey Hezzbollah even Saudi Arabia and Egypt after these people get involved and America takes action against them which by extension the UK and NATO will do too then where do we stand. Suddenly we have people within our borders, living among us that have allegiances elsewhere, who have no hesitation in standing up for their religious beliefs and will take drastic action in order to further those beliefs. We only need to recognize how compromised the First Minister of Scotland is and has become immediately ineffective in the role that he was elected to do. The enemy is now already within our gates, what do we do? Do we round up Muslims and put them in camps do we deport them because if we can’t protect our borders if we can’t protect our population if we end up with serious disorder and terrorism rampant on our streets we have failed as a nation, we have failed as a country, the government has failed in its duty. 

The enemy is within.

Has anyone got the backbone to take action to decide that this needs to happen? There is precedent for this,  they rounded up German residents of Britain and  Japanese residents in  America during World War II because they weren’t taking the chance. If the  Israel situation escalates and involves all these other countries then do we have any other option but to take action and remove potential causes of terrorism?

The enemy is within,  do we have to watch our neighbour?


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