The First Lady has a COLD – Apparently that’s News now …

The agenda of Mainstream Media could not be more transparent at this point.

First Lady Jill Biden has allegedly tested positive for Sars-Cov-2 having taken a test for some reason when experiencing the symptoms of a cold, this is in reality completely inconsequential as to have a cold is to have a cold.

The common cold is a commonly shared set of symptoms that we have all experienced at multiple times in our lives, these range from a sore throat, the sniffles (Runny Nose) a Tickly Cough and general fatigue and can be caused by a number of Viruses (If you believe in Germ Theory). These viruses are Coronaviruses, Rhinoviruses or Adenoviruses but we never try to identify what is causing it because the SYMPTOMS are what make up the “Common Cold”.

The Mainstream Media have decided that because a cheap piece of plastic has told the first Lady that this particular cold may have been caused by the Sars-Cov-2 Virus that this is BREAKING NEWS and presumably that you should all be afraid ….. Very Afraid.

In reality I am more afraid that Jill’s Husband, the President of the United States and assumed (alleged) Leader of the Free World, Joseph R Biden appears to have rapidly deteriorating dementia and has seemingly got his finger on the Nuclear Button, here is hoping that decisions have been made in the background to not allow Joe to push that button or Cornpop may find himself in a spot of bother.

This obsession with what is causing people’s cold is frankly boring at this point and I for one simply do not care and neither should you. If you get a cold then my advice (non medical of course) is to treat it exactly as we have managed to seemingly do since the dawn of time, rest up, have some coffee and maybe some hot soup and start resuming normal activity when you feel better. What you should NOT do is allow the Media to use situations like this to drive panic and fear when they themselves report she is suffering from MILD cold like symptoms.

The Mainstream Media are the ones that for the last 3 plus years have been the DRIVER of this nonsense, they have driven this more effectively than an Asymptomatic Carrier of Sars-Cov-2 which in the words of Anthony Fauci himself, has never in all of the history of Respiratory viruses been the DRIVER of an Outbreak, that truth was simply disregarded by the Media just like we are seeing again here with Jill Biden and her COLD being called “Covid-19” which is another more severe set of symptoms altogether.

The Mainstream Media are really pushing “Covid” again and it is clear in my opinion that it is all down to getting those juicy fear induced clicks.

Don’t Panic, Don’t fall for it.


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