When did Nuance become so Controversial?

Here on Chasing Dissent we like to take each issue as it comes and as such we may come to completely separate conclusions to those of the Mainstream or even Independent Media. John and I like to work through the issue at hand, look at all of the evidence involved and then express our opinion.

The Conclusions to which we may come can end up aligning with that of the coloquial “Right” or “Left” of the so called Political compass and as such, are never truly aligned with one single “Side”.

It is our belief that Nuance is required but it is becoming increasingly clear that Audiences have become so polarized that they NEED one extreme or the other and to this end are becoming increasingly locked in to Echo Chambers of ideology, increasingly dismissing very valid points and real world evidence simply because they believe the Author to represent “The other side”.

This is something that is both very bad and very dangerous for our societies as we see these online ideological chasms spill out in to real world violence.

Nuance and debate are 2 of the most important things in any discussion and it feels like it is becoming increasingly more controversial to say this.

It isn’t “Bad” or “Dirty” if the logical conclusion ends up somewhere that you seemingly do not ideologically “belong”.

Open your mind to the possibility that your political opposition may be absolutely correct some of the time because it is almost a certainty that you are not 100% correct on everything, Reasoned debate, Nuance and finding a middle ground need to make a fast comeback in our discourse, Censorship needs to be exiled to the Trash Pile of history and compromise needs to become the norm.

The only way we can move forward as societies is to smash our way out of the Echo Chambers of “Left” “Right” or whatever interest group you are pledging your entire brain power to and just LISTEN to what others have to say, you never know, they may just teach you something and if not? Well at least you listened, they listened to you and perhaps a middle ground can be found.

Nuance needs to become “sexy” not Controversial and if we can find our way to that happening our future could be very bright indeed.

Benn – Chasing Dissent 

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